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Reflective tape greatly improve the visibility and safety of the vehicle.
We actively promote the concept of traffic safety. Of all the great traffic accident, and large vehicles, including truck and bus, related accidents occupied in a position of prominence.
Reflective tape is actually a kind of flowing traffic safety reflective technology, It can be clearly outline the large vehicle body in the night, improving the vehicle identification, reducing accidents. Studies show that, using the reflective tape, can make the vehicle traffic accidents dropped 16.3% during the day and 21.2% in the night. Reflective tape has excellent large Angle performance, the performance has a special meaning for the vehicles which in the crossing, turning, turning vehicles on the side of the road .
Durability: product will not fade, chalking, falling off, better adapted to the harsh environment.
Customization: According to the customers and area, we can be printed on different marks, more facilitate enterprise management or regional management.
The wide-angle: the reflective surface can reflect light at any angle, to remind other drivers' attention , the reflective properties are the same whether it is paste horizontal or vertical.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive patent: the adhesive of the reflective tape with the vehicle body of stainless steel or paint materials is very strong, don't shed, and the adhesive layer is relatively thick, the surface of the vehicle is not so smooth and even small gravel, can also ensure that closely affixed to the vehicle body.
High-brightness (prism): the reflective brightness values of the 3M reflective tape ​​close to twice the national standards, bright in the daytime as a warning. At night, the reflective effect is sure that the vehicle can be observed in 300 meters .

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