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1. Paint tank: Heating preservation tank which is made of stainless steel or cold-rolled anti-oxidation steel equips with an erect type hand stirrer device. The heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-260C) according to the different kinds of paint chosen by users and the capacity is 75kg.
2.Marking shoe: Knife component of marking shoe is screeding structures that is made of imported excellent alloy steel with heat resistance, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, and the outside structure parts and relative movable parts are made of imported special steel sheet with heat resistance (2000), oxidation-resistance and anti-deformation, the stability is much better after special process. Floor knife that contacts with the ground directly adopts imported hard tungsten steel knife-head, which has good anti-sticky ability and abrasion resistance to ensure marking straight and neat. The marking shoe body adopts aluminum die-casting alloy material. The precise manufacture techniques and applied excellent material ensure marking shoe having better operability, leak tightness, sensibility and stability.
3. Heating mode: Valves, stove, fire nozzles, gas meter, igniter and pipes are imported parts.
4. Glass beads bin: Bin with window, which can check the quantity of glass bead. Capacity: 14L.
5. Glass beads dispenser: Automatic quantitative dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system, ensures dispensing glass beads much evener and more economical.
6. Rear wheel directional device: lockable directional device can ensure the road-marking machine moving in straight lines and turning freely in curved road.
7. Chassis: The firm welding frame, whose surface has been coated chrome or treated by high temperature spraying, equipped high speed type imported bearing ensures the whole machine running lightly and more convenient.
8. Marking width and thickness: Change different marking shoe with different specifications (100,150, 200, 300mm) according to the needs of projects. The thickness can be freely adjusted in a regulated scope (1.5-2.5mm) through adjusting the floor knife.
9.Using 400(450)mm marking shoe can meet the need of pedestrian marking construction.
10. Size & Weight: 1200mm (L) 950mm (W) 1100mm (H). 170kg (excluding liquefied gas container, with 150mm marking shoe).

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